Yorkshire Pet Friendly Motorhome Hire!

Tripz.uk offer pet friendly motorhomes, why? Because we are pet owners ourselves and understand how important our animals are to us. Pets are part of our families, and we want to enjoy holidays with them.

Our Pets

Pet can refer to any animal that lives with you, but usually pet friendly is a term for dog friendly, as most people are likely to take their dog. Here at Tripz.uk we understand that is not always the case. You may have a cat or a hamster and struggle to find someone to look after them while you’re away. That’s not a problem if you abide by the rules outlined in our pet policy you can bring them along.

It’s more common for hirers to bring their dogs, why not when the UK has so many dog friendly destinations.

Autumn is the best time for a holiday with your dog. Most beaches allow dogs from 1st October, so no looking for the dog friendly section at your favourite resort. Holiday destinations are quieter, the atmosphere is more relaxed and dog friendly. Pets are welcomed in more establishments, with most offering some treats and refreshments. The cafés and pubs are generally quieter, so there’s less chance of your dog getting distressed.

The Beach

Most dogs love the beach, they go nuts when they sea the water and run on the sand. They love swimming in the sea and jumping in and out of the waves. One of the best reasons for heading to the beach is the open space. You can unleash your dogs and allow them to run free and keep sight of them. There are a few downsides though. Dogs can get distracted by the new smells and senses their experiencing. The waves may drown out the sound of your calls. It is important that your dog has an identification tag. This will help ID them if they’re found and return them quicker. Seawater, although your dog loves it, when it dries it smells and dried salt itches. Sand, we all know about, it’s the worst part of the beach. Sand gets everywhere and dogs love to dig and throw it around.

The Lakes

With so many hikes and walks the lake district is a wonderful place to take your dog on a camping holiday. There are many pet friendly cafes bars and shops. You can also take your dog on lake cruises, providing you keep them on a lead. Your pet will enjoy paddling in the lake or going wild exploring the mountains and woodlands.

The Moors

Britain has several moorlands that are great areas for camping holidays. You can pitch up a motorhome at a pet friendly site, although most site require dogs to be on leads. Enjoy exploring the great outdoors with you family pet. Be sure to take some water and some treats for your dog along with your picnic. With streams and becks along a lot of the walking routes your dog will love jumping in and cooling off.


Although many cities have pet friendly establishments, a city break isn’t really the place for dogs. They are required to be kept on a lead, at their best behaviour and the streets can be distressing. Unless you find a good park in the city it’s not much fun for your dog. When hiring a motorhome for a city break, we wouldn’t recommend taking the dog. Our rules say pets aren’t allowed to be left alone in the motorhome.

Above all your pet will enjoy a holiday as much as you. Hiring a pet friendly motorhome allows you the freedom to go where you want with your dog. All we ask is that you respect our motorhomes, keeping them clean and tidy. We will provide covers for the soft furnishings but is recommended that you bring some of your own.

We would like you to return the motorhome as if your pet hasn’t been in. A watering can is useful to give your dog a wash if there isn’t a hose available. A microfibre towel will help dry your pets thoroughly. Keeping pets off the seating and beds is a must, your pets may be clean, but hair is difficult to remove.

To check out a list of dog friendly beaches all year round 👉 thebeachguide.co.uk/dog-friendly.

To check available hire dates 👉 Tripz.uk.




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Pet Policy

We know how important it is to you that we allow furry friends into our Motorhomes, that’s why we do!

We want you to enjoy adventures together, providing of course you and your pet abide by our house rules outlined here and, in our terms and conditions, to which you must agree.

  • You agree your Pet will not be left in the Motorhome unattended.
  • You will not allow your pet on any of the soft furnishings or upholstery (including the beds, seats / sofas)
  • You will return our Motorhome in a clean and tidy condition as if your pet was never present.
  • You agree if you return our Motorhome unclean/untidy, if it is evident your pet was present, and if any pet hairs are found, cleaning charges and upholstery cleaning charges will apply. The minimum charge for this is £100.00
  • You agree to cover the cost of all damage caused by a pet, even if it exceeds the Security Deposit (as outlined in section 13 of our terms and conditions)