Taking Your Motorhome On A Ferry Crossing

Our motorhomes are UK hire but you may still need to travel on a ferry crossing. This could be to reach the Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland, or the Isle of Wight.

Book In Advance

It is best to book your ferry crossing in advance, especially if travelling in the peak holiday season.

There are numerous companies that will handle your ferry booking. Most will have an option to book online and it is worthwhile shopping around as prices can vary.

To make your booking either online or over the phone you will need to know the dimensions of your motorhome.

Motorhome Measurements

Motorhome dimensions vary and some ferry companies have vehicle size categories, while others require exact measurements. If you do not give the correct measurements or select the right category during booking, you could be charged extra when checking in.

You can find motorhome measurements on the manufacturer’s websites, but extras added could change these. The length is easily increased with the addition of tow  bars as well as bike racks. Height measurements change when there is a roof rack or box added and it is important to know the precise measurement of this. The width of your motorhome will include any sunscreen or awning added.

We have checked our motorhomes dimensions for you, and these can also be found on the motorhome pages.

Rimor Evo 5 – Length 7.1m, Width 2.4m, Height 3.04m

Swift Edge 486 – Length 7.6m, Width 2.5m, Height 2.98m

Swift Edge 464 – Length 7.1m, Width 2.5m, Height 2.91m

These dimensions are with the wing mirrors retracted and include bike racks & tow bars.

Prices Of Motorhome Ferry Crossings

Motorhome ferry crossing prices will vary throughout different seasons and with different companies. Direct Ferries is a website that will show prices for several ferry operators, but the best deals come through booking directly with the operator. Other ferry crossing deals will be advertised but these are usually related to cars so check the small print. Researching prices early will help you get the best deal and gives you time to shop around. Booking early is recommended to ensure you secure the dates you require. If you’re planning a holiday visiting several Scottish islands and using the ferry to travel between them, look for special island hopper fares. These combine a set number of ferry trips and give you the flexibility to choose how long to spend on each island.

Are There Any Restrictions

Some ferry companies may have height restrictions, but if you have booked in advance this shouldn’t be a problem.

There could be a restriction on size and quantity of LPG cylinders, it is best to check this when booking. Our motorhomes carry two 6kg cylinders please feel free to contact us if this is not suitable for your trip getaway@tripz.co.uk.

Carrying excess petrol is also forbidden, if you are taking along a motorcycle it is best to check with the ferry company on how much extra fuel they will allow.

Do I Require A Passport

As you will only be travelling to UK countries there will be no routine passport controls in operation for UK citizens. However, you must show identification to board a ferry, and some sea carriers only accept a passport as valid identification. When you book your ferry the company will usually advise you of the identification required for each traveller.

The best trips take a small amount of organising and we recommend booking ferries in advance to ensure your trip goes smoothly. If you are planning on hitting the open road with no plans to where your heading, you are best taking along official identification for all the travellers.

Can I Take My Pet On The Ferry

Pet friendly policies generally mean dogs, which are allowed on most ferries. You will need to check with your ferry crossing provider that they have on board kennels. Some only allow dogs to remain in vehicles while crossing but with our pet policy you agree not to leave your pets unattended in the motorhome. To take other pets it is best to contact the ferry provider and check you can do so.

Checking In At The Port

Each ferry company has its own rules about how far in advance you need to arrive, this will be stated on your booking confirmation. If you’re late, you won’t be allowed to board. Leave plenty of time, especially at busy times. Security has also been tightened at UK ports, and checks can be longer. Not all motorhomes will be searched, but be prepared for the possibility, and know what you’re carrying on board.

To book motorhome hire for your trip go to our home page and see which motorhomes are available for your dates.




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Pet Policy

We know how important it is to you that we allow furry friends into our Motorhomes, that’s why we do!

We want you to enjoy adventures together, providing of course you and your pet abide by our house rules outlined here and, in our terms and conditions, to which you must agree.

  • You agree your Pet will not be left in the Motorhome unattended.
  • You will not allow your pet on any of the soft furnishings or upholstery (including the beds, seats / sofas)
  • You will return our Motorhome in a clean and tidy condition as if your pet was never present.
  • You agree if you return our Motorhome unclean/untidy, if it is evident your pet was present, and if any pet hairs are found, cleaning charges and upholstery cleaning charges will apply. The minimum charge for this is £100.00
  • You agree to cover the cost of all damage caused by a pet, even if it exceeds the Security Deposit (as outlined in section 13 of our terms and conditions)