Motorhome Getaway Only £90* Per Night

Hire a motorhome from us between 1st February & 28th February 2022 for only £90* per night!

Are you ready to get away?
  • Valentine’s Day is looming, great gift idea, our motorhomes are perfect for couples and friends who want to escape together.  
  • Or, you might just be ready to come out of hibernation after January and you’re ready to get out a little more.

Don’t delay, when the dates are gone, they’re gone, go to the home page to check we have the dates you want and book now 👉 Home Page 

*Terms and Conditions Apply




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Pet Policy

We know how important it is to you that we allow furry friends into our Motorhomes, that’s why we do!

We want you to enjoy adventures together, providing of course you and your pet abide by our house rules outlined here and, in our terms and conditions, to which you must agree.

  • You agree your Pet will not be left in the Motorhome unattended.
  • You will not allow your pet on any of the soft furnishings or upholstery (including the beds, seats / sofas)
  • You will return our Motorhome in a clean and tidy condition as if your pet was never present.
  • You agree if you return our Motorhome unclean/untidy, if it is evident your pet was present, and if any pet hairs are found, cleaning charges and upholstery cleaning charges will apply. The minimum charge for this is £100.00
  • You agree to cover the cost of all damage caused by a pet, even if it exceeds the Security Deposit (as outlined in section 13 of our terms and conditions)