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What are your charges?

Motorhome hire and other charges, you will pay

All hire charges.

The security deposit.

Administration fee of £25.00 per amendment of a confirmed booking or per penalty charge notice received.

The nominated valeting fee and /or upholstery cleaning fee if the motorhome is not returned with the interior in a clean condition.

The nominated additional fee of £150.00 if the toilet and wastewater tank are not emptied prior to the return of the motorhome.

Excess mileage over 200 miles per day at 50p per mile.

The nominated refilling fee should the fuel tank not be returned completely full

¾ to full = £85.00
½ to ¾ full = £100.00
¼ to ½ full = £135.00
empty to ¼ full = £175.00

The late fee of £100.00 per hour should the motorhome be returned after the agreed time as stated on the hire agreement.

The nominated cancellation fee as per the cancellation policy in the event of cancellation of your hire agreement prior to acceptance or pick-up of the motorhome.

The cost of any damage to the motorhome or third-party property, subject to the insurance. Or, The insurance excess should there be damage involving third party property or the theft of the motorhome. This applies in respect of each claim, not hire.

All Government fees and duties etc.

All parking fines, other fines or penalties and associated administration costs incurred in relation to the motorhome during the hire period.

Any other fees or charges payable by you pursuant to the hire agreement. This includes any costs incurred by as a result of any breach by you of the terms of our Agreement.

Demurrage: the nightly rental rate for the period the motorhome is off fleet, e.g. for accident repairs.

Any additional costs over and above the security deposit value should damages exceed the security deposit value.

The cost to recover a motorhome.

In the case of gross negligence reserves the right to recover full costs in order to return the motorhome to the state in which it was handed over.

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