Choosing A Campsite For Your Holiday

There are so many campsites in the UK that choosing one can be overwhelming. How you choose your campsite should depend on what kind of holiday you want. Where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there will also help you choose.

What sort of holiday, do you want?

There are campsites everywhere in the UK, offering different types of experiences. Deciding what type of holiday, you want is the most important.

Hiring a motorhome can offer you a whole range of holidays, from road trips to holiday parks packed with entertainment. You could even have both! Many regions of the UK have several campsites so you could explore and experience something different daily.

Do you want:
• A family holiday with kids entertainment.
• A beach holiday.
• To create your own adventures.
• Plenty of planned activities.
• A quiet and relaxing break.
• To head somewhere different everyday or couple of days.
• The freedom of a road trip.
• To visit places of interest.
• To take the dog.

Where do you want to go?

After deciding what type of holiday you want, it’s time to think about where to go. The UK is full of exciting places to visit. From our depot in Huddersfield, you can drive to the South Coast or Scottish Highlands in less than 8 hours. Be prepared to do some research into where you would like to travel. Before setting your heart on a region, check out the costs and what it has to offer. You may find another destination offers the same but for less money.

What do you want to do on your holiday?

Now you know where you want to go, it’s time to think about what you want to do when you get there:
• Do you want to spend time walking?
• Would you prefer to go on bike rides.?
• Are you likely to spend time in pubs and restaurants?
• Do you want to send the kids off while you sit back and relax?
• Would you like access to local transport?
• Is the beach where you spend most of your time?

With so many different types of campsites in the UK, taking time to think about these elements will make choosing a campsite easier.

Choosing a campsite.

There are several different types of campsites, from remote wild campsites to massive holiday parks and everything in between. Think about what sort of campsite appeals to you most.
If you are wanting a family holiday one of the bigger campsites may be best for you. These usually have lots of facilities, activities and entertainment. Some have swimming pools and live entertainment throughout the day or even kids clubs.
For something more relaxed choose a smaller campsite, you may find they have less facilities but will be quieter.

Write yourself a check list.

When deciding on a campsite, it’s worth writing a list of want you want it to offer. Reading through lots of campsite descriptions and lists of facilities can be quite a task. Making a list and comparing sites will help you create the perfect holiday.

The following things are worth considering:

Location and local area – By the sea, in the woods, in the mountains, on the moors, by a lake: the possibilities are endless. Do you want a pub in walking distance? Do you want to be near a town, a beach, or a river?

Facilities – Do you want a swimming pool, kids club, live entertainment, several bars and restaurants, arcades?

Activities – walking, cycling, water sports, sunbathing, bird watching, fishing, sightseeing, these are just a few.

Specific requirements – do you have any particular needs? Does it need to be pet friendly? Would you prefer an adult only campsite.

How to find a campsite.

Once you have decided what you want out of a campsite, you can use a search engine or camping app for campsites that match your requirements. Search for campsites with your most valued feature ie. pet friendly campsites or use the filter facility.

Look for photos and reviews of the campsite, ensure it meets your needs.

Some campsites will allow you to camp anywhere you like on a site that is basically just a field. Other campsites have fully defined and serviced pitches with electric hook-up, water, and drainage. Check they have the pitches that you want and other facilities they can offer.

Some campsites will be very casual and not monitor or pay much attention to what you do while you are there. Others may be strict rules about what you can and can’t do and at what times.

As always, recommendations are best, so following Facebook Groups or social hashtags is a great place to start.

Booking a campsite

Once you have found a campsite you like, it is a very good idea to book your campsite in advance to avoid disappointment. This is especially important during high season and the school holidays when campsites can get very busy.

You can book campsites directly through their website or through the app they are using to advertise. Alternatively, most sites will take bookings over the phone if you prefer to discuss your requirements with them.

Most campsite will require the size of the motorhome, which can be found on the motorhome pages Evo 5, Swift 486, Swift 464. Along with your holiday dates and the number of guests and the type of pitch required.

If you want to drive and tour around casually without committing to campsites, it is perfectly possible to do. Be aware though, during busy times you may well find many campsites are full.

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